My name is Carl Månstrand and I’m bandleader for the Swedish studioband ManStrand.


Manstrand band history is this!


Carl Månstrand  –  leadsinger and guitar

Richard Hoerberg  – guitar

Fredrik Appelgren – bassguitar

Håkan Hansson  –   drums

(John Sempill – drums on music-videos)





Yes, after 3 year we are back on track with a new cd Dec 2013....Black is the name of the cd!!! 

Of course its old classical hardrock ala 70-80 sound,with 2 ballads....





This is our story! 


In the end of 2008 I got an idea to start a band with my songs .

I had already played four years with another band Freedom who played very soft popmusic and had a voman as a leadsinger!

I asked our bassplayer Fredrik Appelgren if he wanted to join my new band and he said yes.



 After that I contacted Richard Hoerberg cause I wanted a good and fast sologuitar player.

Then I had to fix a new drummer. I contacted a studio-drummer Håkan Hansson after a several of choices and delays!

Then my cd-project was running.


I started recording the cd in feb 2009 on my homestudio.

At first I thought my project would be completed by May. I was wrong. When you have multiple people involved in a project the more time takes it all. Incidentally, I had three girls and a man to sing backgound vocals.

Well , five of my twelve songs on the cd were old songs I made some years ago, but the rest  were brandnew.



Richard came with some ideas, specially on these songs Come on and Classica. I liked the ideas and added them!




And Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show wrote.


“First Sweden Gave Us Viking's And Now They Give Us ManStrand. Harking Back To The Glory Days Of Hard Rock And Metal, This Three Piece Powerhouse Bring To Mind The Sound Created Years Ago By Deep Purple, Rainbow, Hendrix And Black Sabbath. Their Music I Thought Was A perfect Fit To Be Featured With Tonights Guest Joe Lynn Turner.”


I think our music-style are inspired by Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Jimi Hendrix, Rainbow, The Sweet,  Rainbow, UFO etc.


      Here are some links






 Email:  manstrand@hotmail.com




- Carl ManStrand (guitar and vocal ) history:

“My background as a musican started early when I was 16.

 I bought my first guitar and after 2 months I had composed my first song, a blues.

Mike Bygdemark, Kenth Bostrom and I started a band named The Duke, later we called us Moonrock.

We had some gigs in Stockholm.


Two years later Mike and I started a band called Stormwarning (Count Raven, today) with Dan Fondelius.

 And we had lot of fun. I quit the band 3 years later.

Instead I started recording songs with the drummer Jens Bock a couple of years!

I think I composed 250 songs in different genre. At least 20 of them were very good! Then I quit all composing,

 I was tired of it. About 10 years after quiting (only played little in my home) Then one day Jens Bocks brother Jimmy called me at the phone,

 he wanted a bassplayer. I thought it could be cool to give the music a new chanse ! 

 And it was! Since then I had been involved with the music again!



- I realy love fast riff, and nice powerful songs. One style i like to compose is also crazy punk, "just let it out" sound. " 

 I believe that is on every true musicans heart! - I dont feel any purpose to do music that doesnt touch me! 

 I have to admit that writing lyrics is not what I like to do, I'm more a tuner, loves to compose music thats not boring me .

 And if anyone present a song for me and I dont like the song in let us say 15 first seconds, I drop off .

Thats why I almost start a song with powerfull riff!"

Fredrik Appelgren (bass-guitar) history:

Fredrik have been involved in many bands over the years, with Swedish music celebrities in all sort of genre etc

 And performed in Globen - one of the famous musicplace in Stockholm.

And on TV a several times in the program “Söndagsöppet” etc !

 He started his carrier at the age of 15.

He can play various of instrument like, piano, horns, viola, guitarr etc!  Feffe is also a composer!


- Rick (Rille) Hoerberg (guitar, his speciale is fast guitarsolos) history:

Rille started playing guitar at age 12. After a year or so he started to put a band together with some friends.

That band was the foundation for the Trash-speed metal band Appendix,

who teared together a couple of demos and a split EP during some busy years in the eighties and early ninties.

The band broke up and a time of coverband and troubador playing started.

After some time he decided to try his luck in the great land in the west together with one of the Appendix guys.

After a couple of years there he finally moved back home. Rille is also a composer!

John Sempill - Our  drummer  in the musicvideo!

-  Håkan Hansson (studio drum-player on our first cd " Hell with the king", and also on 7 tracks in the new cd "Black ") !

He  got a lot of merits, he has played with artists such as - Lutricia Mc Neal, Swingfly, Paradisio, Bo Kasper,

Paolo Mendonca, Zemya Hamilton, Scrappy G etc. Håkan is also a composer!

And he even had a number one hit in USA with his and his friends song in a contest check it out.

Also a number one on the radioplaylist in Japan with DeDe with the song Masterplan!!!


 Hell (with) the King


I can give you everything

I can give you what you want

I can give you a better life

I can make you satisfied

Just let me  hear you yell

You’r the king of hell

I make you feel so well

Get down get down


Hell with the King – of Betrayal

Dont Kiss the ring – He wear

Hell with the king – of all the graveyards

Every one – feel fear


I can make you rich and great

Dont ever lose your faith

Believe just what I say

And I will lead your way

Look at my fire eyes

I make you hypnotized

get down, get down


Hell the king – If you want to

But beware, he’s Death

Hell the king – let him close you

But prepare, for the end


Im the king of demolution

Im the king of black and dark

I will put you in a cell

Cause Im  the king of hell

Im a reader of your mind

And I know you feeling blind

Its time for you to scream

Yes we are a hell of (a) team

I will tell you what to do

-show them lies and not the truth

Sign your name in blood my friend

I be with you til the End


Hell the King – like a soldier

Its  war, in your head

Hell the king-it feels colder

Like ice- in the sun


 Im the master of dark and split

Im sure you will admit

Its no time for love and peace

And I hate all the priests

I will give you  a second chance

Before I set you in a trance

I want your heart and soul

It fits good in my hole


Hell the king... hell with the king...hell the king ..hell with the king.





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